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Rice Water | A Gimmick or A Godsend for Hair Growth

What’s the latest buzz when it comes to faster hair growth? Well, some of you may have heard of rice water and well, some of you may have even tried using rice water. We  aim to explore this seemingly natural way of growing hair fast and we hope to shed to light on rice water – a gimmick or a Godsend for hair growth.

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What is Rice Water?

Well, the name does say it all, rice water is well, rice water – the water you get from rice that has been boiled or soaked for an extended amount of time. But this hair growth “cocktail” is best used fermented.

In order to get the best of the benefits of using rice water for hair growth, it has to be fermented. The fermentation process takes about 48 hours and the longer you let it go, the better, but it is not recommend to go beyond 4 days and mold present can be an indication of  inadequate conditions during the fermentation process. If the conditions are not right for fermentation, then you will encourage unfavorable microbes. And the last thing you want to do is create a haven for bad microorganisms, like bad bacteria or mold to grow.

The fermented rice water is then used to condition and strengthen hair. Some have reportted thicker, stronger, shiny hair. All of which are the positive effects of using fermented rice water to grow hair.

Rice water, is certainly far from a gimmick, but are the benefits really worth it? After all, there are health risks involved when it come to using rice water. Those health risks are even more so amplified by how often rice water is used to wash or condition the hair. The more use it, the more exposure you get to chemicals.

What is Wrong with Rice Water Anyway?

Because of the nature of rice (it takes up or absorbs very easily the chemicals present in the environment [air, soil, water]) and the fact that it is often grown with the use of pesticides, make it an unfortunate source of high levels of arsenic.

In fact, rice is a plant that of all the plants out grown, has the ability to absorb the highest amount of arsenic from its environment.

The presence of arsenic in rice is often more so due to chemical pesticide used in growing rice, than the naturally present arsenic that is biologically found in the earth’s make up or soil composition. This natural form arsenic is less dangerous and is often not the culprit when it comes to high levels of arsenic found in plants.

Arsenic can cause many issues in the body and the health risks are certainly not worth it for the sake of growing out the hair faster. The host of health issues due to exposure over a prolong amount of time include lung cancer, skin problems, kidney issues and many others. Symptoms of exposure to large amounts of arsenic include, but are not limited to nausea, vomiting, diarhea, and stomach pains.

Pluses and Minuses of Using Rice Water

The pluses of rice water are strong, shiny, fast growing hair. But the minuses are exposure to high levels of arsenic which can result in various health issues and in the case of overuse of rice water, the hair can become very damaged.

The contents of rice water are what help make it alluring when it comes to hair growth, but those same components are what can cause hair problems. Hair can become dry and brittle and break off.

Overuse of rice water can also create build up on the scalp and hair and slow the growth process, as the hair follicles will not be able to “breathe”, i.e. get enough oxygen and nutrients. The hair strands can become coated and end up not being able to take in moisture cause excessive dryness.

But Wait! Can I Use Organic Rice Instead?

At this point in time, you may have already had this thought come across your mind, “Can I use Organic Rice Instead?” Well, the answer is yes, but not so fast! Organic rice, is a good start if you are considering using or trying out rice water; however, just because pesticides may not have been used in cultivating the rice crops, doesn’t mean all is free and clear. This is due to the fact that arsenic can be taken in by the crops no the less, if it is presenct in the air or water or even the soil.

So, if you are using organic rice, it is still possible to get rice grains that contain arsenic. Your best bet is to get you rice from a reputable source and if in doubt just don’t buy it or you can always send samples out to be tested by laboratories that specialize in testing for chemicals present in foods, etc.

Rice Water, A Gimmick or A Godsend for Hair Growth?

Well, overall the risks of arsenic and the health conditions it can created in the body is substantial reason to avoid this latest hair trend. If you are considering using rice water or have been using rice water, then you should way your options and think as to whether it is truly worth adding it to your regimen. We simply do not think it is worth the health risks, instead we suggest other natural and safer options like this when it comes to hair growth.

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