Hair Growth Oil

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Fast acting hair growth product, great for growing bald spots caused by traction alopecia. Great for growing thick, lengthy hair.


All natural hair growth oil containing ingredients that nourish your hair follicles for healthy growing hair. Fast acting. All natural and organic ingredients, carefully formulated to grow healthy, thick, and strong hair. GREAT FOR USE WITH ALL HAIR TYPES.

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12 reviews for Hair Growth Oil

  1. Shi

    Great. Works well for my 4C hair. Will be buying more soon.

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  2. Lynn

    I started using the oil after seeing my husband beard grow in such a short time(being bald in one spot). It was also thicker. I purchased a bottle for my temples and thinning hair. I noticed within 2 wks that in the areas at my temples were growing (being bald). I wasn’t applying the oil daily either. My hair has gotten longer and thicker(I have always had thin hair). My daughter and sister are now using the oil.
    I would definitely suggest using this product

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      Thank you!

  3. Phil

    Purchased the oil for my beard. Been using it for a couple of months now. It has caused hair growth and thickness in bald spots that I had trouble growing. I would recommend the oil if you are having problems growing a full beard.

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      Thank you! ?

  4. Terry

    Works well on my beard. Good product.

  5. Sandra S.

    I have been using this product for 3 months now and have seen a huge difference in the health & growth of my hair (a little over 2 inches of growth!). #hairgoals 😀
    I love this oil so much that I recently purchased 8 bottles of of it to give to family and friends – superb product!

  6. Mia

    This works!! I can’t believe it. I’ve tried a lot of grow oils, but this is the BEST! Thank you, thank you for making this product.

  7. Tia

    If you trying to grow your hair, this product is good to include in your regimen.

  8. Mary Efua

    Best hair growth oil, hands down!!! Nothing I’ve tried works better than this oil. #Blessed

  9. Charlene A.

    This oil is so good, this my third time buying. Good work. Love how product was packed with care and I can tell it made with care.

  10. B. Roberts

    Wanted to try out this oil & this size was perfect for me…great for traveling. My fro is twice as big now and 3 months into using this.

  11. Cece Dillard

    Can’t sing enough praises about this oil. It simply works & the directions are so easy to follow. The best part is you don’t have to use it everyday & a little really goes a long way.

  12. Mrs. Akar

    My all time favorite hair growth product to use. Simple easy directions to follow and boy has my hair grown!! I am now beyond waist length thanks to you!

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